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On August 28th, The Bella Romero Academy of Applied Technology hosted a joint assembly at the K-3 campus to kick off the school year and to symbolically unite the two campuses.

Students at the 4-8 campus walked the ½ mile to the K-3 campus Friday morning, and nearly 1,100 students gathered on the grass east of the main school. The Kiwanis Red Shirt Band performed several songs for the group. In addition, Greeley Police officer and award winning archer Becca Ries showed the kids what it means to be an ace at hitting the target. 

Co-Principals Jon Cooney and Justin Ungehauer led the wolves in their graduation class chants before the students returned to class. What a fantastic way to begin this school year!

Students  Lobo  Band
"I love that Bella Romero has flag football teams." - Autumn, Mrs. Hogness class of 2023
"I enjoy Bella's family because they have great respect to the children and they try everything to help us learn. I love it here and I always will." - Kowsar, Mrs. Anderson class of 2024
"The family is always here for you." - Izaiah, Mrs. Anderson class of 2024
"I enjoy being here because there are great teachers." - Dayli, Mrs. Anderson class of 2024 


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