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    "Getting Smart" recently listed The Bella Romero Academy as one of the “Top 65 Elementary and Middle Schools Worth Visiting”. Principals Justin Ungeheuer and Jon Cooney stated, “Our journey of innovation is far from over and has been met with both celebrations and challenges. However, we are dedicated to our focus on continuous improvement on behalf of our phenomenal staff, amazing students, their families, and this supportive community.”

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Welcome to The Bella Romero Academy

Please accept our kind regards via this “Virtual Welcome”…

We have had a fantastic academic year at The Academy. Our spring has been filled with strong, ongoing, and shared commitment to living Bella’s family values. Students, staff, and parents have been teaming up to ensure CONISTENT ATTENDANCE, POSITIVE BEHAVIOR, AND EXCELLENT ACHIEVEMENT. We have had 97% or higher attendance rates frequently throughout the past weeks and students are continuing to make progress on their character skills of responsibility, persistence, social awareness, and self-control. Academically, we recently completed another round of state testing and we are tremendously proud of the strong effort that students displayed as they used that platform to broadcast all the cognitive growth they have made throughout the year.

If you are visiting as a current member of Bella’s family, we want to thank you for your continued partnership in making our school excellent. If you are browsing our site as you consider enrollment or employment, we want to thank you for your interest. Regardless of your reason for visiting this page, we will be happy to converse with you in person, on the phone, or via email. Bella’s family is my family… and yours!


Jon Cooney

Principal, The Academy K-8


 Download the 2015-16 Digital Yearbook

Bella Romero Academy and OtterBox

Partner to Prepare Students for 22nd Century


The Bella Romero Academy was recently awarded a $12,500 “Innovation Station” grant from the OtterCares Foundation to fund upgrades to the 4-8 Campus makerspace (defined as a space where people can gather to create, invent, and learn).  Otter Products and its OtterCares Foundation are passionate about supporting students in being innovative and entrepreneurial - a perfect match with The Academy’s commitment to operating as “Tomorrow’s School…Today”.  The grant has been used to purchase additional 3D printers, CAD (computer-aided design) software, professional video production and editing equipment/software, and other cutting edge products to enhance learning.


Students use these futuristic tools in combination with a model called the “Design Thinking Process” developed by the Institute of Design at Stanford to solve complex problems.  Design thinking is defined as “a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result."  For example, students may invent a robotic device to solve a problem they researched, use CAD software to create a prototype of that robot, print the robot parts using the 3D printer, and then program this invention to complete the task using computer science coding software.


The makerspace is used in the school’s “Advanced Robotics”, “Science/Technology”, “Computer Science”, “Introduction to Engineering”, “Digital Media”, and “Electronic Publications” courses.  In the future, parents, and community members will be invited to use this innovative space to work on their own projects and creations.  In fact, a facilities employee just recently visited the school to request the manufacture (via 3D printer) of a part needed to improve the stability of mounted “exit” signs in schools throughout the district.  A perfect project for an entrepreneurial young engineer to tackle!  


The Bella Romero Academy is grateful to the OtterCares Foundation and looks to continue this partnership through involvement of Otter Products employees in supporting students as they tackle design challenges using first-class tools and 22nd Century models of thinking.  Tomorrow has officially been introduced to today.
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To view the updated school handbook, click on the following link 2015-16 Handbook. 

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